New NRCC Web Ad: Every Day of Democrats

January 25, 2012

New NRCC Web Ad: Every Day of Democrats
Democrat Policies Making a Bad Economy Worse

Washington — The National Republican Congressional Committee released a new web ad today highlighting the staggering economic pain caused by President Obama and Washington Democrats’ failed policies of the last three years. American workers and families now find themselves stuck in an economic wasteland and the failed policies of Washington Democrats are doing nothing but destroying jobs.

“Every day brings more news of the legacy of economic destruction that President Obama and his party have inflicted since Democrats took control of Washington,” said NRCC Communications Director Paul Lindsay. “If this is what can happen in just one day of President Obama’s economy, Americans have no interest in seeing the destruction that will come from more years of a Democrat-controlled Washington.”

The script for this ad is as follows:

NARRATOR: What’s become of America since President Obama took full control of Washington?

A wrecked economy, with debt and waste beyond imagination.

Since then, our gas prices have gone up more than 82 percent.

Every single day more than one-thousand five hundred of our jobs have been lost.

Every day, another two-thousand seven hundred of us have realized it’s been six months since we last had a job.

Every day, more than six thousand of us have begun living below poverty, while thirteen thousand more have been put on food stamps and more than eight hundred have become uninsured.

Every day, President Obama has bet, and lost, four hundred and eighty eight thousand on Solyndra.

Every day, seven hundred and forty nine million of our tax dollars has been wasted on a failed stimulus.

And every single day we have been burdened with four point two billion more in debt.

This is the legacy President Obama and his democrats have left for us. If we give them more time, what else will they do to America?