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TOWNHALL – Sal Pace Trusts Government While Congressman Tipton Trusts You
NRCC | February 15, 2012

Colorado’s 3rd District, currently represented by Republican Congressman Scott Tipton, runs along the Western Slope of Colorado and includes Durango, Grand Junction and Pueblo. Under the newly drawn lines, both Bush and McCain won the district in their respective races.

But with McCain only carrying the district narrowly, it’s not a race to take for granted. Luckily, though, Democrats have recruited a candidate who stands for everything voters don’t like about Washington and is on the wrong side of every big issue.

Meet Sal Pace: Best known for taking a taxpayer-funded $6,800 payoff from his former boss – John Salazar – after getting him reelected in 2006.

Things didn’t work out so well for him in 2010, though, when Colorado voters decided that they couldn’t afford the Pace-Salazar agenda anymore.

But now Pace is looking for a return to that big government agenda Coloradans rejected. He’s the Democrats recruit in Colorado’s 3rd District, and has branded himself an unapologetic supporter of Obamacare. In the state House, Pace sought to mimic the policies of Washington Democrats while in the state House.

In fact, Pace supports an even more aggressive government takeover of the healthcare system than the one that Obama eventually signed into law, repeatedly endorsing a single-payer system that would place every facet of American healthcare under the government.

In 2009, he even sponsored legislation to begin the creation of a Canadian-style single-payer system.

Pace’s tune hasn’t changed in the years since.

Just last month, Pace voted to reiterate his support for Obamacare in the Colorado state House.

And it doesn’t stop there. Pace, who has been endorsed by former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, is radically reckless with government purse strings. In the Colorado House, Pace has supported an astronomical $1.37 billion in tax increases on Colorado families, even managing to support a tax on bull semen. Just imagine what Pace would do if he were elected to Congress.

If that’s not enough, back in 2009, Pace was the only legislator on the House Appropriations Committee in Colorado to oppose “Katie’s Law” – legislation that required felons to submit to a DNA test. The bill was a response to the rape and murder of Katie Sepich, a New Mexico woman. Congressman Tipton was the original sponsor of that law.

Congressman Tipton has been working hard for the past year to bring fiscal sanity to Washington, to cut spending, keep taxes low and create jobs. He’s been fighting against the ways of Washington that Sal Pace has tried to force on Coloradans.

The bottom line: Sal Pace trusts government. Congressman Tipton trusts you.

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