Ann Kirkpatrick and Arizona Disagree About Obamacare

July 16, 2012

 Arizona and Ann Kirkpatrick Disagree About Obamacare

Well, here we go again… 

Ann Kirkpatrick gave us ObamaCare two years ago, and today she continues her support of this government takeover of healthcare. 

Today’s bipartisan repeal vote is a reminder of what Arizonans got from Kirkpatrick: 

ü  $500 billion in Medicare cuts

ü  $525 billion in new taxes

ü  $504 a year premium increases 

“Arizonans repealed Ann Kirkpatrick after she rubber-stamped ObamaCare. Now, she can’t wait to get back to Washington to protect it.” – NRCC Spokesman Daniel Scarpinato 


Mrs. Kirkpatrick said her vote in favor of the Democrats’ health care legislation also hurt her with voters, but she wouldn’t back away from it. “Health care was a big issue. And I voted for health care, and I stand behind that vote,” she said. (The Washington Times, April 27, 2011) 

KIRKPATRICK Voted FOR ObamaCare. (House Votes165 and167, 3/21/2010)

Ann Kirkpatrick for Congress