NRCC Launches New Website and Online Ads: “Radical Kathy Boockvar”

August 9, 2012

Pennsylvania Activist Attempts to Hide Her Controversial Past
Washington — Today, the National Republican Congressional Committee launched a new website,, and began running online ads exposing Kathy Boockvar’s troubling past as an activist lawyer. The website highlights Boockvar’s past as a leftist attorney, ranging from supporting ACORN against charges of voter registration fraud, to helping expand voter registration access for criminals.

“Boockvar’s troubling past makes her unfit to represent the people of Bucks County,” said NRCC Communications Director Paul Lindsay. “With Washington Democrats’ big-government takeover of healthcare and reckless spending sprees that hamper economic recovery, Pennsylvania families don’t want a radical activist with a partisan agenda representing them in Congress.”

Images of the Facebook ads and website: