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the $3,542 question
NRCC | August 16, 2012

Wanted to let you know that today Hayden Rogers is traveling across Madison, Mitchell and McDowell counties to meet with voters. Western North Carolinians will get to ask Hayden Rogers some questions – but will they like the answers?

After touting Heath Shuler’s support, Rogers is ready to ‘take over’ his boss’s Washington agenda. So this must mean that he supports over $700 billion in cuts to seniors’ access to Medicare to pay for ObamaCare? By 2017, each Medicare beneficiary in North Carolina will pay $3,542 more for their healthcare under ObamaCare.

As you follow Rogers’ travels in the district, please consider the following statement on his commitment to gutting Medicare:

“It’s already clear that Hayden Rogers is proud to take his cues from his boss who has voted with Nancy Pelosi up to 94 percent of the time while in Congress. As Rogers shakes hands today with Blue Ridge seniors, will he let them know if he plans to follow Washington Democrats and increase seniors’ Medicare costs by $3,542 each?” — NRCC spokeswoman Meagan Holder

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