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Larry Kissell’s no good, very bad day
NRCC | September 6, 2012


Can it get any worse for Larry Kissell? Politico calls him the “unhappiest Democrat in North Carolina,” he turned down a free ride to the convention and reporters can’t even find Kissell.

Charlotte Observer: Looking for Larry Kissell. “Ask Republicans, and they’ll tell you Kissell’s face should be on a “Wanted” poster.

Republican U.S. Rep. Patrick McHenry of Cherryville is taking a life-size cutout of the Congressman to interviews. And the National Republican Congressional Committee parked a car outside Kissell’s Concord office Wednesday morning offering to bring him to the convention.”

Politico: The unhappiest Democrat in North Carolina… Larry Kissell. “The NRCC even held a press conference Wednesday morning to draw attention to a GOP stunt where a car was sent to Kissell’s campaign headquarters to bring him to the convention…Republicans, naturally, are rubbing it in. In an effort to tie Kissell to his more liberal national party, the NRCC has hammered him every day this week with press releases highlighting the awkwardness of his predicament.”

Bloomberg: Larry Kissell: Your Car is Waiting. The National Republican Congressional Committee has a message for Democratic National Convention-skipper Larry Kissell: We’ll pick you up.

While Larry Kissell attempts to hide his Obama baggage, what is Richard Hudson doing this week?

The Dispatch: Hudson recognized for platform on senior issues

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