NRCC Statement on House Majority PAC Ads Pulled from the Air, DCCC’s Edits to False Ad

September 18, 2012

NRCC Statement on House Majority PAC Ads Pulled from the Air, DCCC’s Edits to False Ad


WASHINGTON – National Republican Congressional Committee Communications Director Paul Lindsay released the following statement regarding the removal of two false House Majority PAC TV ads from being aired, one in North Carolina’s seventh district and one in Minnesota’s eighth district, and the DCCC’s edits to an ad in Pennsylvania’s 12th district:


“We expected Democrat groups to resort to desperate and misleading attacks to humor the exceedingly unlikely notion that Nancy Pelosi will reclaim the Speaker’s gavel next year. However, we never expected them to insult American voters to the extent that they have. Already, due to blatantly false content, two ads from Nancy Pelosi’s super PAC have been pulled from the air and the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee was caught red-handed editing a blatantly false charge in another ad.


“This speaks to the lengths that Democrat groups are willing to go in order to reinstate Nancy Pelosi’s Washington agenda that brought us a failed stimulus and ObamaCare. American voters deserve better than that, and they deserve to know exactly what kind of principles they are voting for in November.”


MINNESOTA TV STATION REFUSES TO AIR FALSE HOUSE MAJORITY PAC AD:WCCO stopped airing the House Majority PAC spot on Friday, the same day the Cravaack campaign complained in writing that it is ‘a blatant attempt to defame Mr. Cravaack.’” (Kevin Diaz, “WCCO pulls attack ad against Cravaack,” Minnesota Star Tribune, 9/17/2012)


DCCC CAUGHT EDITING BLATANTLY FALSE ATTACK AD IN PA-12: “…Republicans pushed back against claims that congressional challenger Keith Rothfus had business links with China. Today, Democrats seemed to back down. They removed the reference from a new version of their television ad.” (Keegan Gibson, “DCCC Scrubs Rothfus-China Reference (Watch Videos, PoliticsPA, 9/14/2012)