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NRCC Releases New Campaign: Bill Foster Facts
NRCC | October 15, 2012

Illinois Millionaire and Former Congressman Votes For Taxes On Middle Class, Pays Zero Income Tax Himself

Washington — The National Republican Congressional Committee released targeted calls and online ads today exposing the fact that millionaire Congressman Bill Foster paid zero in income taxes last year.  As a former Member of Congress, Bill Foster was the wealthiest member of the Illinois delegation. Foster proves time and again he is out of touch with the needs of middle class families by consistently voting to increase taxes, strapping small businesses and burdening families with more fees. Further details of his hypocrisy can be found at www.billfosterfacts.com.

“It’s troubling that a millionaire like politician Bill Foster feels he doesn’t need to pay income tax, yet has no problem voting for crushing tax hikes that strangle small businesses and hurt middle class families,” said NRCC Communications Director Paul Lindsay. “As the economy continues to struggle because of the massive burden of big government taxes, Illinois voters cannot afford to bring back an out-of-touch millionaire Congressman like Foster who continues to support higher taxes while he’s unwilling to contribute himself.”

An  image of the online ad can be seen here:

The script for the targeted call is as follows:

Hello, I’m calling from the National Republican Congressional Committee.

Former Congressman Bill Foster is a millionaire who paid zero in income taxes last year.

That’s right ZERO. While Illinois families are paying more, Bill Foster paid zero in income taxes.

When he was in Congress, Bill Foster was the wealthiest member of the Illinois delegation.

 Millionaire Bill Foster had no problem voting for higher taxes on middle class families and small businesses.

But last year, Bill Foster paid NO income taxes himself.  

Now Bill Foster wants to go back to Congress so he can continue to raise taxes on Illinois families.

Call Bill Foster at (630-488-5977) – and tell him hypocrisy is unacceptable.  

For more facts about millionaire former Congressman Bill Foster, visit FosterFacts.com

This call was paid for by the National Republican Congressional Committee and authorized by Judy Biggert for Congress.  202-479-7000


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