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DCCC Unemployed Line Went Around the Corner
NRCC | January 4, 2013

On the day that the unemployment rate rose back up to 7.8% (the same rate that Obama’s “recovery” started at four years ago), the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee hosted a resume drop for the 23 million Americans out of a job in the Obama economy.

The NRCC dropped off our own resume for “The Real Julia” — a product of an economy crushed by Washington Democrats’ failed policies.

The good news for the DCCC is that their resume drop was a complete success. Check out the line of unemployed workers that stretched around the block:

Line Around the Block at the DCCC

The bad news for the DCCC is that this is a perfect illustration of the desperation Obama’s economy has placed on Americans looking for work. The Real Julia has been crushed by the Democrats’ failed policies; and she’s not alone:

Line Around the Block at the DCCC

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