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Obama’s Top Ten Excuses Why His Budget Is Late
NRCC | February 4, 2013

President Obama’s budget is due today and, according to the White House, it will be late for the fourth time in five years. Whether it’s the Arab Spring, ATMs, or, of course, “headwinds,” President Obama is known for putting blame on anything and everything he can in order to escape taking responsibility for his failed economic policies.

Since we at the NRCC know President Obama will cast off blame on someone or something for his failure to submit a budget, we thought we’d help him a bit. Here are our excuses as to why it’s late.

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10. Harry Reid Said I Didn’t Need One

harry reid

Ethan Miller-Getty Images

9. I Haven’t Recovered From Beyoncé’s Lip Syncing


Carolyn Kaster-Associated Press


8. Biden Said It Wasn’t A Big F***in Deal


Gerald Herbert – Associated Press

7. Manti Te’o’s Girlfriend Had It

 obama computer


6. I Was Too Busy Minting A Trillion-Dollar Coin


5. I Thought “Somebody Else Made That Happen”


4. The Jobs Council Is Giving Me One The Next Time We Meet

 obama jobs council


3. It’s Bush’s Fault


Associated Press

2. I Forgot To Hit “Save” Before The Super Bowl Blackout


Ronald Martinez-Getty Images

1. Bo Ate It


Pete Souza – The White House/Photo Illustration


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