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NRCC Awards House Democrats Merit Badges For Retreat
NRCC | February 7, 2013

camp wannataxya

Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats traveled to their retreat at Camp Wannataxya this week for lessons in taxing, spending, and rubberstamping Obama’s failed policies.

It’s clear that some liberals stood out from the rest, however. For that, the NRCC awarded merit badges to honor their achievements in certain fields.

matheson merit badge

Jim Matheson received the “Camouflage” badge for his work trying to hide his true support of the Obama-Pelosi agenda.

barrow merit badge

John Barrow received the “Obama’s Best Puppet” badge for his many years blindly following President Obama.

collin peterson merit badge

Collin Peterson received the “Pain At The Pump” badge for his strong support of President Obama’s job-killing cap-and-trade legislation.

kirkpatrick merit badge

Ann Kirkpatrick received the “Tardiness” badge for missing the most votes so far this Congress.

mcintyre merit badge

Mike McIntyre received the “Taxpayer Frequent Flyer” badge for taking at least 15 publicly-funded foreign trips costing taxpayers approximately $70,000—including a lavish trip to Rome.

barber merit badge

Ron Barber received the “Pelosi Loyalty” badge for his complete loyalty to fellow liberal leader Nancy Pelosi.

rahall merit badge

Nick Rahall received the “Obama’s EPA MVP” badge for his early support of President Barack Obama and his job-killing environmental regulations.

murphy merit badge

Patrick Murphy received the “Special Interest Superstar” badge for his blatant hypocrisy on special interest money.

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