Steny Hoyer Agrees With Pelosi: USA Doesn’t Have A Spending Problem

February 12, 2013

They’ve done it again!

This morning on CNBC, Democrat Whip and Pelosi deputy again refused to say our country has a spending problem. In fact, he actually said we have a “paying-for problem.”

That’s right. For Hoyer, it’s doesn’t matter what we spend. He just thinks our country doesn’t have high enough taxes to pay for it.

This comes on the heels of Nancy’s Pelosi’s twice saying the US doesn’t have a spending problem.

And to top it off, don’t forget last month it was reported that President Obama told Speaker John Boehner that we didn’t have a spending problem.

You just can’t make this stuff up. Even if you didn’t believe it before, this is the third time in a little  over a month that a liberal leader has refused to acknowledge our nation’s out of control spending.

If they don’t think we have a problem, how can they fix it?

Stand up to Hoyer, Pelosi, and Obama. Tell them we DO have a spending problem: