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Democrats Complain About Presence Of Debt Clock On Capitol Hill
NRCC | February 27, 2013

(Photo: Justin Lane, EPA)


It makes sense for a party that doesn’t think we have a spending problem to be offended by the presence of the national debt clock showing $16,000,000,000,000.00 in debt. When you’re that out of touch, evidence of reality can be quite jolting.

Via The Daily Caller:

Some members of Congress apparently don’t like to be reminded about how much debt the country continues to rack up.

During a House Financial Services Committee hearing Tuesday on the budget, two Democrats complained after House Financial Services Committee chairman Jeb Hensarling instructed that two monitors in the hearing room display a real-time running national debt clock.

 Rep.  and  Rep.  both issued complaints about the displays, according to video of the hearing.

“Clearly it is a political prop designed to message ideologically,” Ellison said.

Waters asked that the debt clock not be on display whenever Democrats spoke, Hensarling said during the hearing.

“At the request of the ranking member, the national debt clock will not be put on the screens during Democratic time,” said Hensarling, a Texas Republican.

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