House Republicans are the Last Line of Defense — In 11 GIFs

March 4, 2013

House Republicans are the last line of defense between Barack Obama and complete control over Washington. Even though the election is over, it’s clear that Obama is still fixated on doing the only thing he knows how to do: campaigning. Obama’s coming after us. But make no mistake — we’re up to the challenge. Are you with us?

We all know Barack Obama has been running the country like this:


Instead of working with Republicans to cut spending:


He’s been going around the country acting like this:


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House Republicans have been the last line of defense against his reckless spending:


We’ve weathered his endless campaigning:



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But, Obama has made it clear his main goal for the next two years is to take the House in 2014:


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(Via Washington Post)

This is how Obama wants House Republicans to act:


(Via Reaction GIFs)

But instead, we’re all:


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We’re not going to be caught off guard:


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When Obama attacks us, we want this to happen:


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We need your help:



So we can be like this:

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