NRCC Targets 26 Vulnerable Democrats With Digital Ads

March 5, 2013

Ads Come As DCCC Releases List Of Endangered Dem Incumbents


WASHINGTON – The last election wasn’t even four months ago and Democrats are already on defense. This morning, they released a list of 26 vulnerable Democrat incumbents that are endangered in 2014.

Since Nancy Pelosi and national Democrats will do and say anything to keep these rubberstamps in Washington, the National Republican Congressional Committee is placing digital ads letting voters know that even Democrats aren’t sure these incumbents can win.

“Democrats started the year talking about how they were going to win the majority, yet now, they are releasing a list of 26 vulnerable incumbents they are not even confident will win,” said NRCC Communications Director Andrea Bozek. “With this new digital ad campaign, Republicans are reminding these Democrats that they can try to run from their liberal records, but they can’t hide from the truth.”

On Tuesday, Democrats Announced Their “Frontline” Program—Consisting Of Their 26 Most Vulnerable House Members. “[D]emocrats are plotting an aggressive effort to defend their most imperiled House members in 2014. On Tuesday, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee will unveil its incumbent-retention program, known as Frontline, which will include 26 incumbents from districts across the country.” (Alex Isenstadt, “ Democrats Launching Plan For 2014 At-Risk Members,” Politico, 3/5/13)