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President Obama’s Approach to Balancing the Budget in 18 GIFs
NRCC | March 9, 2013

President Obama likes to fly around the country talking about what he calls his “balanced” approach to the national debt:

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This kid agrees — it’s getting old:


After watching Obama add $6 trillion to the national debt, our reaction to his plan looks like this:

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What does his “balanced” approach even mean?

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We do know he always wants more tax hikes:

5Reply GIF

But Obama has never said how his plan actually gets the budget to balance:

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This is what Obama’s like when it comes to slashing wasteful spending:


That’s because he actually doesn’t think we have a spending problem. That’s not very smart:

8List 25

The worst thing about his plan is that it isn’t balanced at all:

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In Fact, the President’s budget NEVER balances.

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When it comes to the budget, Obama sense of balance is basically like this:

11Huffington Post

This too:

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And this:

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Fortunately, House Republicans have a plan that balances the budget in ten years:

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It’s written by Paul Ryan:

And if the President passed Paul Ryan’s plan, here’s what our budget would look like in ten years:


And job creation would look like this:

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We all know Democrats will try to smear Republicans’ balanced plan, but remember – it’s a bunch of malarkey:


When Democrats attack, we need to stand up to them:

18GIF Bin

So stand with Paul Ryan and Co-sign his Budget:


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