President Obama’s Approach to Balancing the Budget in 18 GIFs

March 9, 2013

President Obama likes to fly around the country talking about what he calls his “balanced” approach to the national debt:

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This kid agrees — it’s getting old:


After watching Obama add $6 trillion to the national debt, our reaction to his plan looks like this:

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What does his “balanced” approach even mean?

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We do know he always wants more tax hikes:

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But Obama has never said how his plan actually gets the budget to balance:

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This is what Obama’s like when it comes to slashing wasteful spending:


That’s because he actually doesn’t think we have a spending problem. That’s not very smart:

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The worst thing about his plan is that it isn’t balanced at all:

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In Fact, the President’s budget NEVER balances.

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When it comes to the budget, Obama sense of balance is basically like this:

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This too:

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And this:

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Fortunately, House Republicans have a plan that balances the budget in ten years:

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It’s written by Paul Ryan:

And if the President passed Paul Ryan’s plan, here’s what our budget would look like in ten years:


And job creation would look like this:

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We all know Democrats will try to smear Republicans’ balanced plan, but remember – it’s a bunch of malarkey:


When Democrats attack, we need to stand up to them:

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So stand with Paul Ryan and Co-sign his Budget: