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Obama: “America’s not a family”
NRCC | March 13, 2013


Breaking news from President Obama’s visit to the House Republicans on Capitol Hill this afternoon:

About two hours ago, Congresswoman Jackie Walorski asked the President why the government can’t balance its budget like families have to do every day.

President Obama’s response: “America’s not a family.”

And this is from the guy who campaigned all over the country telling people we need to raise taxes, because “we’re all in this together.”

The President clearly has no idea how to balance a budget. Perhaps worst of all, he told ABC News last night that he doesn’t think we have a debt crisis. How stupid does he think we are?

Jackie Walorski is a Freshman Member of Congress from Indiana and she understands what it takes for a family to balance a budget.

And as you know, the House Republican budget balances in 10 years. That’s what families have to do to survive — and that’s the right way to turn around the economy and create jobs.

Jackie’s in Congress fighting the good fight.

Stand with Jackie and Paul Ryan by Co-Signing the Ryan Budget. 

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