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Matheson and Barrow: Recruiting A New Class Of Pelosi Rubberstamps
NRCC | March 18, 2013

Remember when you’re getting ready to go to a new college, you’d spend a day “shadowing” a successful current student to see what this new life is like?

Well, it appears that this process has come to the nation’s capital.

Democrats recently named their “recruiters” for the next cycle and among them are two infamous names: Jim Matheson and John Barrow.

Nancy Pelosi and Democrats believe that Matheson and Barrow are the prototypical Washington insiders, so they were asked to show other candidates the ropes.

Democrats might disagree, but we’re pretty sure that Matheson, Barrow, and Pelosi are the problem in Washington—not the role models.

Americans are fed up with Washington because of the taxing, spending, and borrowing that they see from these folks.

It’s time to tell Nancy Pelosi and her deputies Jim Matheson and John Barrow that we don’t want more of them in Congress.

Stand with the NRCC today and tell insiders like Matheson and Barrow to take a hike.


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John Barrow for Congress

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