NRCC Releases Paid Web Video “Do Your Job and Balance the Budget”

March 20, 2013

Americans Tell Washington Democrats to Balance the Budget


Last week, House Republicans introduced a plan to balance the budget in 10 years and create jobs. Yet Democrats in Washington have criticized this plan to grow the economy and refuse to balance the budget—ever. It seems that they’ve simply been hanging around Washington too long and forgot the struggles of everyday Americans.

To help remind them, the National Republican Congressional Committee traveled the country and talked to everyday Americans, who are featured in a new paid video calling on their members of Congress to support a balanced budget. The video is being released today by the NRCC.

“Washington Democrats are so out of touch they have forgotten the struggles of every American family who balances their household budget,” said NRCC Communications Director Andrea Bozek. “The Americans featured in this video are demanding that Nancy Pelosi and Washington Democrats stand up for a balanced budget and a plan to spur economic growth.”