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13 Animals That Are Really Bummed on ObamaCare’s Third Birthday
NRCC | March 22, 2013

Saturday marks the third anniversary of ObamaCare and many aren’t happy about it.

You already know how Grumpy Cat feels about it:

Know Your Meme

He’s not happy, either:

hound chive
The Chive

Democrats passed ObamaCare without even reading it:


Remember when Nancy Pelosi said we’d have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it?

monkey chiveAwesomelyCute.com

3 years later, we know what’s in it and it still doesn’t look good:


It’s clear ObamaCare has failed to catch up to Democrats’ promises:


This puppy is upset that health insurance premiums are actually $3,000 higher since ObamaCare passed:

brown puppy buzzfeedBuzzfeed

 Thanks to 20,000 pages of new regulations, this dog is having a hard time getting ahead:

kitty buzzfeedFor GIFs

ObamaCare is leaving job creators out in the cold:

seal buzzfeedBuzzfeed

ObamaCare takes employers for a walk when it comes to insuring their employees:


Unfortunately for this squirrel, he’s one of the thousands that lost their employer coverage:

College Humor

This polar bear’s out of a job altogether because ObamaCare is killing job growth:

polar bear chiveThe Chive

The worst thing is that Democrats refuse to realize what a disaster ObamaCare is. Seriously:


While these animals might look silly, the negative impacts of ObamaCare are serious. Check out LivingUnderObamacare.com to see how ObamaCare will affect you:


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