Living Under ObamaCare – new NRCC website

March 22, 2013

Happy Friday – As you know, tomorrow marks the three year anniversary of the passage of ObamaCare. Like a bad bottle of wine, ObamaCare is uncorked and it just keeps getting worse with age. Through Pinterest earlier today, we unveiled a new website that highlights the nationwide negative effects of ObamaCare.

Living Under ObamaCare will catalog how the health care law’s overreaching and harmful policies are impacting Americans and their families. As we saw today in this National Journal piece below Republicans will continue to highlight House Democrats support for this unpopular program in our targeted races.

National Journal: Obamacare Is a Prescription for a Democratic Headache in 2014

“Republicans see fewer opportunities in the House, mostly because the Democrats who voted for it were mostly purged in 2010. Among the few survivors: Reps. Tim Bishop of New York and John Tierney of Massachusetts, as well as Reps. Carol Shea-Porter of New Hampshire and Ann Kirkpatrick of Arizona, who lost their reelection bids in 2010 but made comebacks in 2012. But officials at the National Republican Congressional Committee vow they will continue to litigate the issue. According to data provided by the committee, polling conducted by GOP firm OnMessage found that in 18 targeted districts—a collection of potential swing districts—54 percent of independents favor repealing ObamaCare. Even women who skew Democratic lean right on this issue, with 50 percent of them in the targeted districts favoring repeal.”