Another Keystone Signal: Obama To Visit Mansion Of Chief Pipeline Opponent

March 27, 2013

As we’ve consistently said, President Obama number one goal is to retake the House next year. He will stop at nothing to make Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House and cement his liberal legacy.

He is pulling out all the stops and recently announced a San Francisco fundraising trip that reads like a who’s who among liberal billionaires.

One name stuck out however: Tom Steyer.

In case, you don’t know Steyer. He is a far-left environmentalist, who is leading the charge against the Keystone XL pipeline. He’s even taken on House Democrats on the issue.

Just a few days ago, we shed light on President Obama’s former campaign apparatus sending emails bashing the Keystone XL pipeline proposal.

With the announcement of Obama’s visit to Steyer’s mansion, we have a new signal that President Obama will reject the bipartisan plan that will bring us close to North American energy independence.


President Obama is paying lip service to considering this common-sense proposal, but his actions are unmistakably clear. He has no intention to stand up to his far-left friends and approve a proposal that will create over 20,000 jobs, while expanding our energy security.Once could be a coincidence. Twice is a pattern.

President Obama must condemn OFA’s email criticizing the Keystone Pipeline and cancel his fundraiser at Steyer’s mansion. His silence on this issue only proves that he is truly opposed to this bipartisan plan.