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New NRCC Website: “Words With Elizabeth” Highlights Elizabeth Colbert Busch’s Liberal Priorities
NRCC | April 8, 2013

New Site Details Failed Liberal Policies

Words With Elizabeth, the newest website unveiled by the National Republican Congressional Committee today, highlights the ultra-liberal positions that Elizabeth Colbert Busch supports and plans to continue if sent to Congress.  The website highlights some of Colbert Busch’s platform positions, including her unwavering support for ObamaCare’s failed policies and high taxes.

“Elizabeth Colbert Busch and her ultra-liberal policies are a bad match for South Carolina’s fiscally-conservative, hard-working families,” said NRCC Communications Director Andrea Bozek.  “This site helps expose what South Carolina voters already know; Colbert Busch will be just another Nancy Pelosi lapdog who will bring nothing but higher taxes and fiscal irresponsibility to the 1st District.”

Words with Elizabeth will be updated frequently in an effort to highlight Colbert Busch’s liberal, Obama-policy loving ways.

View the website here:


Her policy positions have not been put under the microscope, but are bound to draw more attention now. Colbert Busch has said that she backs Obamacare (while calling for refinements to root out wasteful spending). (Alex Isenstadt, “Elizabeth Colbert Busch: Spring training over for rookie,” Politico, 4/5/13).

Under ObamaCare, health insurance premiums for families are now about $3,000 higher, instead of $2,500 lower as President Obama promised. (Merrill Matthews and Mark E. Litow op-ed, “ObamaCare’s Health-Insurance Sticker Shock,” The Wall Street Journal, 1/13/2013)

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