8 Giant Buildings in D.C. Obama Has Empowered to Make Your Decisions For You

April 10, 2013

As Joe Biden once said, “Show me your budget, and I’ll tell you what you value.” Barack Obama released his budget today, and it’s clear that what he values is the decision-making of buildings in Washington over American homes. Obama’s budget is made up of funding priorities designed to give Washington bureaucrats more power. When Obama talks about his agenda for his second term, these are literally the people he’s empowering.


1. Health and Human Services – Under the direction of Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, this building is responsible for implementing ObamaCare and increasing your insurance premiums.



2. Department of Housing and Urban Development – In charge of inflating a dangerous housing bubble by mandating loans to applicants with weak credit.



3. Department of Energy – In charge of giving taxpayer-funded loan guarantees to failed companies and making sure your electricity prices “necessarily skyrocket.”



4. Department of Labor – In charge of making sure your tax dollars go to helping his political allies.


(Department of Labor)

5. Environmental Protection Agency – Responsible for blocking popular job-creating projects like the Keystone Pipeline.



6. Department of Treasury – Making sure your taxes are high enough so that Obama can pay all these bureaucrats more.



7. Office of Management and Budget – Responsible for Obama’s budget showing up two months late. Also, the OMB is responsible for reinforcing that  “the country is not a family”, and should not be expected to balance its budget like one.



8. The White House – Where the decisions get made to decide where your decisions should be made (government innovation).

(White House Museum)