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Honestly, Ann?
NRCC | April 10, 2013

We already knew that Arizona Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick doesn’t like to show up to vote. But apparently when she does, she doesn’t even understand what she’s voting on.

In a recent interview with Arizona Public Media, reporter Christopher Conover asked the Arizona Democrat: “Is there any realistic hope that we’ll get a budget deal that both sides can at least agree to vote on…”

Kirkpatrick’s response: “The Senate passed a bipartisan budget… so I’m hopeful.”

A couple of problems… the Senate budget Kirkpatrick is referencing was not bipartisan. Not a single Republican voted for it – maybe because it included more than $1 trillion in tax increases and huge increases in spending.

Secondly, despite being “hopeful” about that Senate budget, she actually voted AGAINST it in the House.

So what on earth is Ann Kirkpatrick talking about?

One thing is for sure – in Congress, Kirkpatrick has been part of the problem, voting for ObamaCare, the wasteful stimulus and against the only budget that actually balances.

Either Kirkpatrick is thoroughly confused about what she’s voting on – or she’s just not being honest with Arizonans. My guess is both.

Ann Kirkpatrick for Congress

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