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How President Obama’s plan completely ignores Washington’s spending problem – in 4 CHIFs (Charts Made of GIFs)
NRCC | April 11, 2013

Yesterday, President Obama claimed there were “not a lot of smoke and mirrors” in his budget. Unfortunately, just saying it doesn’t actually make it true. The reality is that the President’s budget is completely irresponsible and NEVER balances. Here are four CHIFs (Charts made of GIFs) proving how irresponsible the President’s budget is to future generations of Americans:

1. President Obama’s plan completely ignores Washington’s spending problem. In fact, it spends even more money:

2. President Obama’s budget calls for over a trillion dollars worth of tax hikes to pay for more spending.

3. Even with a trillion dollars worth of new taxes, the President’s budget NEVER balances. Meanwhile, the House Republican budget balances within ten years, turning into a surplus and paying down the debt:

4. Because Obama’s budget never balances, it continues to pile on more debt, leading to a staggering $25 trillion national debt in ten years.

Paul Ryan and House Republicans have introduced a responsible budget that allows the U.S. to stop borrowing money from China, taking a boot off the throat of our economy, and creating jobs. Stand with House Republicans and demand a balanced budget here.

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