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Supplied With Your Tax Dollars, President Obama Is Ready To Spend, Spend, Spend
NRCC | April 15, 2013

  • As Americans file their taxes, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and their liberal allies are already writing their wasteful spending wish lists full of robo-squirrels, climate change musicals, and NASA video games.

  • House Republicans are the only ones in Washington to pass a balanced budget that will create jobs and guard taxpayer funds.

  • President Obama and House Democrats have proposed budgets that never balance, raise taxes and increase spending. They want more money from Americans to feed their spending addiction.

  • It’s time to put an end to the wasteful spending that has become a hallmark of the Obama-Pelosi era because Washington should guard your money as carefully as you do.


President Obama’s Budget Will Include $580 Billion In New Taxes. “The main deficit reduction elements of the plan incorporate an offer Obama made to Boehner in December when both sought to avoid automatic, across-the-board spending cuts and broad tax increases. Obama’s plan includes $580 billion in new taxes that Republicans oppose.” (Jim Kuhnhenn, “Obama: Budget Not ‘Ideal’ But Has ‘Tough Reforms,’” The Associated Press, 4/6/13)

President Obama’s Budget Proposes More Spending. “Scheduled for release at 11:15 a.m., the White House request would increase spending in 2014 by nearly $160 billion beyond what the CBO projected in February — a product both of canceling the sequester and Obama’s new spending initiatives.” (George Cahlinik, “Budget Tracker Briefing: Obama Seeks More Revenue, New Spending,” CQ, 4/10/13)

$697,177 Was Used To Develop A Musical On Climate Change And Biodiversity. (2012 Waste Book, Office Of Senator Tom Coburn, Accessed On 2/27/13)

The Federal Government Spent $325,000 To Develop A Robotic Squirrel. (2012 Waste Book, Office Of Senator Tom Coburn, Accessed On 2/27/13)

It Cost The Federal Government $1.6 Million To Develop A Video Game Based On A Fictional NASA Mission. (2012 Waste Book, Office Of Senator Tom Coburn, Accessed On 2/27/13)

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