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6 Obamacare “Frenemies”: Democrats Criticizing Obama’s Healthcare Law
NRCC | April 22, 2013

Have you ever heard of a frenemy? Made popular in the movie, “Mean Girls,” a frenemy (combination of “friend” and “enemy”) is someone who acts like a friend, yet undermines or competes with you.

These past few months, as Obamacare is being implemented more and more, the American people are slowly seeing what a disaster the law is.

Democrats are starting now to see which way the wind is moving and are jumping ship fast. In just the last month, Obamacare has found criticism from people it used to call friends.

From Braley to Baucus, everyone’s a critic.


Here are 6 frenemies of Obamacare:


1. HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius

Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Services got the ball rolling in late March when she admitted that Obamacare would raise health insurance premiums. This broke a main promise Democrats made when campaigning for the law in 2009 and 2010.

sebelius premiums

“These folks will be moving into a really fully insured product for the first time, and so there may be a higher cost associated with getting into that market,” she said. (The Wall Street Journal)


2. Montana Senator Max Baucus

When Montana Senator Max Baucus, a primary author of Obamacare, called the law a “train wreck” last week, it sent shockwaves through the city.


3. West Virginia Senator Jay Rockefeller

Another author of the law, West Virginia Senator Jay Rockefeller, recently said the law was “beyond comprehension.”


4. Oregon Senator Ron Wyden

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden went head to head with the Obama’s Administration’s top healthcare regulator in February. Now that the law is being rolled out, Wyden says a provision in it would price families out of affordable healthcare.


“We’ve got millions of people – working-class, middle-class people – who are going to be pushed into a regulatory health coverage no man’s land,” Wyden said. “They are unable to afford the family coverage through their employer and ineligible for the subsidy that could be used by dependents on the exchange.” (Kaiser)


5. Former WH Healthcare Advisor Zeke Emanuel

Zeke Emanuel was a healthcare policy advisor to President Obama and brother to former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. Yesterday on Meet the Press, Emanuel admitted that insurance premiums have increased under Obamacare. You’ll recall that just a few years ago, his brother promised the law would control costs. And you thought your family dinners were awkward…


6. Iowa Congressman Bruce Braley

In an appearance on local Iowa TV over the weekend, Iowa Congressman Bruce Braley said Obamacare could negatively impact his campaign for U.S. Senate.


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