Grounded: Obama Delays Flights In Latest Sequester Stunt

April 22, 2013


It’s been almost two months since President Obama’s sequester went into effect. Since that time, President Obama has tried his hardest to make these cuts as unnecessarily painful as possible. You may recall he canceled White House tours, released illegal immigrants, and cut Medicare.

Well, they’re back to the drawing board this week. Now using the FAA as a political football to discredit any kind of spending cuts.

Today, the FAA is furloughing air traffic controllers, and therefore delaying flights in cities across the country, as the Obama Administration tries its latest attention-seeking stunt.

As the Associated Press reports, these furloughs will affect one out of three airline passengers. Unions across the country have sued the FAA to prevent such delays and encourage them to find other ways to cut spending.

However, President Obama and his administration are digging in.

This is President Obama’s sequester. He proposed it and he threatened to veto any attempt to undo it.

Now that it’s in effect, he’s trying to play politics with it by making unnecessary and purposefully painful cuts.

It’s time to tell President Obama to stop the games and start making smart and responsible cuts because his flights aren’t more important than ours.