NRCC shames Esty into returning campaign contributions

April 25, 2013


Two years ago Elizabeth Esty was called out for accepting campaign contributions from Northeast Utilities, a company regulated by her husband. Esty kept the money.

 Today the NRCC blasted Esty for those contributions in light of a slew of bad press reporting that her husband had given out non-public information to benefit Northeast Utilities.

Apparently, where there’s smoke there’s fire because Esty is FINALLY returning the money.

 “The fact that it took two years for Esty to return money from Northeast Utilities lobbyists and executives is pathetic. She ignored the impropriety of accepting those contributions until the bad press became too much for her to handle. The bad news for Esty is that Connecticut voters are tired of her antics and won’t soon forget this.” – NRCC Spokesman Ian Prior