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“The only Keystone I support comes in 6 packs”
NRCC | April 26, 2013

eggmanNational Democrats are a-buzz today as their latest recruit, beekeeper Michael Eggman, has officially announced his candidacy for California’s 10th District.

Eggman, a self-proclaimed “political novice,” said his motivation to run stems from his frustration with Washington, yet is proud to announce his coordination with the DCCC and that, “they’re supportive of my campaign.”

(But, we all know how poorly DCCC support has been panning out so far…)

Looks like Eggman has already gone Washington.

As Eggman prepares for his campaign, we’ve taken the liberty of making a few slogan suggestions:

The only Keystone I support comes in 6 packs

Putting the “Party” in Democratic Party

Michael Eggman for Congress: Cold. Hard. Liberal.

“Michael Eggman’s candidacy is still in its infancy and he’s already cozying up to Washington insiders. Eggman may call himself an outsider, but his coordination with National Democrats will be obvious in his tired establishment ideals that do nothing to grow the economy in California.” – NRCC Spokeswoman, Alleigh Marré

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