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Bill Foster & Lindsay Lohan
NRCC | May 1, 2013

What do Bill Foster and Lindsay Lohan have in common? They both need to take the first step and admit they have a problem. And Bill Foster has a HUGE problem – ObamaCare.Lindsay

Just yesterday, President Obama unleashed a tortured eight minute answer defending his disastrous healthcare law which Bill Foster voted for. This is the same law that has stunted job growth, kicked families off their healthcare plans, hurt small businesses and raised premiums.

What makes this Foster’s own ‘Lilo’ moment is that he has already been kicked out of the club over this vote before. In 2010, Foster’s constituents showed him the door thanks to his vote for this boondoggle of a law.

Now, it looks like Bill Foster will have Déjà Vu all over again thanks to ObamaCare.

Congressman Bill Foster is in need of a 12-step program to help him shake his addiction to spending boondoggles like ObamaCare. Illinois families have already fired Foster over this healthcare law once before and now he will be forced to defend a law that is indefensible once again.


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