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Carol Shea-Porter’s Awkward Obamacare Moments (in 7 GIFs)
NRCC | May 1, 2013

Did you see what happened when Carol Shea-Pelosi . . . err, Carol Shea-Porter went to a New Hampshire manufacturer on a learning tour?

She finally learned that Obamacare is at the “top of the list” of concerns for New Hampshire’s small businesses. And when pressed on the devastating effects of the medical device tax, Shea-Porter said that she will “keep an eye on it.”

While CSP “keeps an eye on” ObamaCare, her constituents are already well aware with what Shea-Porter voted for before she knew what was in it.

Here are some predicted reactions from Shea-Porter when she finally finds out more about the bill she voted for:

1. It will be cheaper for employers not to offer insurance to employees and pay the penalty tax.



2. The employer mandate will force companies to cut hours for employees


3. Health insurance premiums for families will be $3,000 higher.


4. Seniors will pay more for Medicare.


5. Young people will see their premiums skyrocket.


6. Obamacare’s approval rating in New Hampshire is plummeting.


7. Democrats want to exempt Congress and staff from Obamacare.


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