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Ann Callis: Bringing the “judicial hellhole” to Washington
NRCC | May 6, 2013

Ann Callis stepped down from the bench Friday and is expected to announce today that Nancy Pelosi and Washington Democrats have finally convinced her to run for office. Now Callis is going to be asking Illinois families to send her record of incompetence as a judge from the “judicial hellhole” which is Madison County, IL to Washington.

So let’s take a walk down memory lane…

In 1995, Ann Callis Rogney received the lowest rating among the state’s 152 judges outside Chicago for legal ability and third-lowest rating in the state for overall category of “meets the requirements of office.”

According to an April 27, 1995, St. Louis Post-Dispatch article, “A poll among lawyers has given Associate Judge Ann Callis Rongey [D-Ill.] of Madison County the lowest rating for legal ability among 152 judges in Illinois outside of Chicago. (Charles Bosworth Jr., “New Judge Gets Low Marks in Poll,” St. Louis Post-Dispatch, April 27, 1995)

“That was the third-lowest rating in the state. The lowest – 6 percent – went to a judge in Peoria who has been charged with cocaine possession.”

Well someone has to be last and thankfully for Callis there was a judge in Peoria who had a cocaine problem. Now to be fair, Callis was probably not ready for office seeing her dad pulled some strings to help her get appointed. It’s good to know powerful people!

According to a Dec. 16, 1994, St. Louis Post-Dispatch article, “The youngest of 21 candidates for an associate judgeship in Madison County won the post Thursday in an election by the circuit judges.”

“Assistant State’s Attorney Ann E. Callis, 30, of Troy, was announced as the choice after months of reports that she had the job locked up because of the influence of her father, Lance Callis, a successful lawyer in Granite City and long-time activist in Democratic Party politics.” (Charles Bosworth Jr., “New Judge Has Name Influential in Politics,” St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Dec. 16, 1994)

Oh, and remember, Callis doesn’t live in the 13th District so the question now remains if she will move or just run from the 15th District where she currently lives.

Also interesting is the late Friday announcement from Gov. Pat Quinn’s office on perennial candidate David Gill which Roll Call called “Democrat David Gill’s Convenient Appointment.”

From Roll Call: “After defeating a top recruit in the 2012 Democratic primary, Gill lost to Davis in the general election for the competitive 13th District. Some Democrats were concerned about a repeat in 2014. Gill was mentioned as recently as this week in a St. Louis Post-Dispatch story looking into potential Democratic challengers. But the move by the Democratic governor likely takes him out of the running and helps clear the path for Callis.”

Anyone else think it’s weird that the same day Callis steps down from the bench, David Gill is given a cushy, high paid government job with a sweet pension? Sounds like we can prepare for the Chicago political machine to continue their dirty politics in the 13th District. They must be serious about clearing the field for Pelosi’s chosen one Ann Callis.

Ann Callis’ record of service includes helping make Madison County a ‘judicial hellhole’ and being rated one of the worst judges in the state of Illinois. With credentials like that it is no wonder Nancy Pelosi has handpicked her to run for Congress. Callis should be honest when announcing her candidacy that her plan is to bring her record of incompetency in Madison County to Washington.


Nancy Pelosi has been recruiting Callis since January, even giving her the All-Star Treatment during President Obama’s inauguration.

Roll Call: Democrats Recruit Judge as Gill Ponders Another Run
January 30, 2012

“Gill narrowly lost to GOP Rep. Rodney Davis in the competitive 13th District last November. Gill’s interest creates a potentially messy situation for Democrats, who are trying to recruit Madison County Circuit Court Chief Judge Ann Callis to run for the seat.

Democrats fêted Callis in Washington, D.C., during inauguration weekend, according to multiple sources who saw her there.

Callis did not return a message left at her chambers seeking comment. Last year, Callis considered a bid for the neighboring 12th District but eventually declined.”

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