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Dan Maffei is moving – here are 6 Star Wars neighborhoods that might interest him
NRCC | May 9, 2013

According to the Syracuse Post-Standard, Dan Maffei is in the market for a new home. If he feels that Pentagon City just isn’t cutting it for him anymore, here are a few other neighborhoods that may interest him.

1. Tatooine


Median property value: $106,000

Recommended Realtor: Greedo

Pros: Sunshine, diverse population, great cantinas and music.

Cons: High crime rate, giant man-eating pits, Jawas.

Ideal for single bounty hunters and alien musicians.

2. Hoth


Median property value: $56,000

Recommended Realtor: Dak Ralter

Pros: Plenty of skiing, abandoned military base could be rezoned for commercial use, ion cannon.

Cons: Deathly cold, Wampas on the loose, some believe there may be ghosts on the planet.

Perfect for the winter sports enthusiast, tauntaun riders, and wampa hunters.

3. Dagobah


Median property value: $120,000

Recommended Realtor: Ben Kenobi’s ghost

Pros: Excellent school system, unpolluted, quick commute to Cloud City.

Cons: Parking is a nightmare, not droid friendly, also may be haunted.

Great place for families with children, Jedis, and earthy types.

4. Cloud City


Median property value: $850,000

Recommended Realtor:  Boba Fett

Pros: Phenomenal views, excellent city government, growing economy.

Cons: Residents concerned with earthquakes of Bespin.

The best in skyside living with views to freeze in carbonite for.

5. Endor


Median property value: $350,000

Recommended Realtor: Chief Chirpa

Pros: Pet-friendly, comfortable village living, great camping and hiking.

Cons: Ewoks can be a bit pushy, located under a giant fully functional Death Star.

A nature lover’s paradise and filled with Ewok parks.

6. Coruscant


Median property value: $1.6 million

Recommended Realtor: Count Dooku

Pros: Located at the center of the galaxy, perfect climate, excellent pizza.

Cons: Filled with out-of-touch bureaucrats, seedy underworld culture, undergoing regime change.

Booming city planet that is reaping benefits from the unprecedented growth of the intergalactic bureaucracy.

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