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With More News Of “Train Wreck” Coming, House Democrat Freshman Get Chance To Repeal ObamaCare
NRCC | May 13, 2013
  • The House is voting this week on the full repeal of ObamaCare. With the host of bad news on the law’s implementation in the past few weeks, now is the chance for Democrat freshman in the House to repeal it.

  • Any way they look at it, this “train wreck” is hurting women, seniors, and workers across the country. That’s probably why a recent poll found that just 35 percent of Americans have a “favorable” view of the law.

  • Finally, House Democrat freshman have a chance to stand up for middle-class families across the country and repeal the disaster that is ObamaCare.



Barack Obama Claimed “85 To 90 Percent Of Americans” Are Already Experiencing Most Of ObamaCare’s Benefits. “And for the 85 to 90 percent of Americans, who already have health insurance, they’re already experiencing most of the benefits of the Affordable Care Act.” (President Barack Obama, Remarks, Washington DC, 4/30/13)

Just 35 Percent Of Americans Have A Favorable View Of ObamaCare—One Of The Lowest Numbers Since The Law Was Passed. “Overall, public opinion of the healthcare law remains divided and leans slightly negative. In the latest tracking poll, 40 percent said they have an unfavorable view of the law, compared with 35 percent who have a favorable view — roughly in line with past results.” (Sam Baker, “Poll: 40 Percent Don’t Know Obamacare Is Still Law,” The Hill, 4/30/13)

Under Obamacare, Health Insurance Premiums For Families Are Now About $3,000 Higher, Instead Of $2,500 Lower As President Obama Promised. “Although President Obama repeatedly claimed that health-insurance premiums for a family would be $2,500 lower by the end of his first term, they are actually about $3,000 higher—a spread of about $5,500 per family.” (Merrill Matthews and Mark E. Litow, “ObamaCare’s Health-Insurance Sticker Shock,” The Wall Street Journal, 1/13/2013)

In A Recent Survey, 61% Of Business Owners Cited Concerns About The Cost Of Healthcare As A Reason For Not Hiring More People. Under Obamacare, Healthcare Premiums Have Continued To Rise. (Dennis Jacobe, “More U.S. Small Businesses Cutting Workers Than Hiring,” Gallup, 1/31/2013; Merrill Matthews and Mark E. Litow op-ed, “ObamaCare’s Health-Insurance Sticker Shock,” The Wall Street Journal, 1/13/2013)

Under Obamacare, Fewer Americans Now Have Employer-Provided Healthcare Coverage Than They Did In 2008. “The number of people getting healthcare through an employer is at its lowest point since President Obama took office, according to new Gallup data.” (Sam Baker, “Employer-Based Health Coverage Hits New Low,” The Hill, 2/22/2013)

Montana Senator Max Baucus Called Obamacare “A Huge Train Wreck.”  “A Democratic senator who helped craft President Barack Obama’s signature healthcare law gave the administration “a failing grade” on Wednesday for its efforts to educate the public and small employers about sweeping changes due to take effect in eight months. ‘I just see a huge train wreck,’ Senator Max Baucus of Montana told Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius at a hearing of the Senate Finance Committee, an oversight panel that he chairs.” (David Morgan, “Democratic Senator Says Government Has Failed On Healthcare Outreach,’” Reuters, 4/17/13)

Retailers Are Cutting Employer Hours At A Rate Not Seen In 30 Years. “Retailers are cutting worker hours at a rate not seen in more than three decades — a sudden shift that can only be explained by the onset of ObamaCare’s employer mandates.” (Jed Graham, “ Retailers Slash Work Hours Rapidly Ahead Of ObamaCare,” Jed Graham, Investor’s Business Daily, 5/3/13)

A 2012 Poll Showed That 74 Percent Of Doctors Say They Will Leave Medicare Or Stop Accepting Medicare Patients Due To ObamaCare. “No wonder a recent Doctor Patient Medical Association poll found that 74% of doctors say they will stop accepting Medicare patients or will leave Medicare entirely because of Obamacare.” (Marc Seigel, “How Obamacare Hurts Seniors,” The Daily News, 8/12/12)

The U.S. Preventative Services Task Force Has Limited Cancer Screenings For Women. “Dozens of screening tests and treatments that directly benefit women are likely to be dropped from any coverage. Here’s a sampling of what the Preventive Services Task Force dings: chlamydia screening in most women over 25; cervical-cancer screening in those over 65; breast-cancer screening using digital mammography or MRI instead of the traditional plain film. Screening for ovarian cancer and the genes that raise a women’s risk of breast cancer also don’t make the cut. Same for clinical breast exams in women older than 40….Americans first became familiar with the Preventive Services Task Force in November 2009, when it made the controversial decision to advocate that women ages 40-49 shouldn’t get routine mammograms. More recently, it rebuffed routine use of tests for detecting the viruses that can cause cervical cancer. And now it’s calling the shots for what benefits must be included and what can be nixed from our plans.” (Scott Gottlieb, “Obamacare V. Women,” New York Post, 10/23/12)

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