Is Peterson retiring? What are you afraid of, Collin?

May 31, 2013

collinCollin Peterson is wavering in his commitment to Minnesotans.

When asked yesterday about his plans for the 2014 election Peterson said he “needs to see where things are at” before making a decision.

So what’s changed? Has Peterson lost faith in his ability to push the Farm Bill to victory? Did the mobile billboard about IRS policed health care get under his skin? Maybe Peterson has just had enough. Who knows…

“With his support of unpopular Obama policies, like putting the IRS in charge of health care, it’s no wonder Collin Peterson is running scared. What remains to be seen is whether Peterson will go willingly or accept the loss that awaits him in 2014.” – Alleigh Marré, NRCC Spokeswoman

Collin Peterson for Congress