This Keystone Pipeline Video by House Democrat Raul Grijalva is Painfully Awkward

May 31, 2013

See for yourself:

Let’s break it down to just the most important moments.

First, Congressman Grijalva has Able Assistant do some head bobbing:

grijalva2-o (1)

These guys were pretty impressed:

Grijalva drops some serious science on us here. Watch carefully as he demonstrates that rocks don’t float:


These guys were in awe by the news:


Anyway. Then Able Assistant gets in a quick workout:



Grijalva then points out the “Dear Chamber of Commerce” (which they’ve inexplicably labeled as “BIG OIL”) thinks Keystone will create 250,000 jobs:


Grijalva disputes just how many jobs he is trying to kill by opposing Keystone. His friend “BIG GENIUS” says he’ll only kill 2,500 jobs:

And then this happened:


Able Assistant has to stand back.

It made us uncomfortable:


After giving us a chance to regain our breath, Able Assistant points out that the rocks still aren’t floating:


Finally, Able Assistant asks for a tip:


He’s earned it!

Our review? This painfully awkward science experiment sunk like a rock. The Mad Scientists over at the Progressive Caucus opposing the popular Keystone project and the thousands of jobs it will bring might as well look like this:


Better luck next time, Congressman Grijalva.