FL Rep. Patrick Murphy’s close ties to FL voter fraud scandal

June 3, 2013

Wanted to make sure you saw the latest news coming out of South Florida.Garcia 1

Congressman Joe Garcia is in the hot seat over an alleged ballot request fraud that has caused his chief of staff to resign Friday night. This is the same chief of staff, Jeffrey Garcia, who worked for Congressman Patrick Murphy’s campaign in 2012.

From Florida’s Shark Tank: Also, it is important to point out that Jeffrey Garcia worked for Democrat Patrick Murphy’s congressional campaign against Republican Congressman Allen West. While the Herald reports that Murphy has not been implicated in the ballot fraud case, the 2012 Murphy-West recount drama that took place raises more doubt and speculation as to whether or not voter fraud was committed in that race as well.

Did Congressman Patrick Murphy know about the voter fraud scheme happening in FL-26? What does Congressman Murphy have to say about this alleged voter fraud scheme?

The news that Congressman Patrick Murphy’s campaign was involved with the same people who pushed this voter fraud scheme in South Florida is very troubling. It’s time for Patrick Murphy to address his involvement with Congressman Garcia’s chief of staff and condemn the actions of Joe Garcia and his campaign team.


Additional excerpt from Miami Herald article: “Friday’s precipitous events came three months after a Miami Herald investigation found that hundreds of 2,552 fraudulent online requests for the Aug. 14 primaries originated from mystery hackers using Internet Protocol addresses in Miami. The Herald found those requests were clustered and targeted Democratic voters in Congressional District 26, which stretches from Kendall to Key West and where Garcia was competing against three other candidates.”

Over the weekend, Congressman Garcia held a press conference to address the fraud scandal surrounding him and his office:

Joe Garcia on the ballot fraud scandal: He called the plot “ill-conceived” but added: “I think it was a well-intentioned attempt to maximize voter turnout.” (…) “I explain it with the reckless abandon that we play politics in South Florida,” he said. “It shouldn’t be that way.”