5 ObamaCare Failures This Week

July 15, 2013

1. Harry Reid Is Mr. Wonderful

Yesterday, while appearing on Meet the Press, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said “ObamaCare has been wonderful for America.” I’m not sure if he was talking about the higher premiums, lost wages, or skyrocketing debt, but it’s fair to say a vast majority of the country would beg to differ.


2. Las Vegas Review-Journal Turns On The Law


One of the largest newspapers in Nevada, a swing state Obama won just a few months ago, has turned on the law. In a scathing editorial issued yesterday, it said, “ObamaCare is a poorly written, poorly scrutinized piece of legislation that is proving harder by the day to implement…”


3. Full-Time Work? It’s Rapidly Becoming A Thing Of The Past


The Wall Street Journal has an article this morning on why ObamaCare may spell doom for many full-time workers. It describes restaurant owners who are rapidly cutting hours so that more workers qualify as part-time and avoid ObamaCare’s onerous requirements. The money quote: “The move showed how efforts by some restaurant owners and other businesses to remake their workforces because of the Affordable Care Act may be turning the country’s labor market into a more part-time workforce.”


4. Delay? What Delay?

This is just getting ridiculous. Nancy Pelosi—the same Democrat leader who said ObamaCare was cutting the deficit and lowering costs—completely denied reality and said the law’s employer mandate was not delayed. The Washington Post’s Fact Checker gave her three pinocchios for that statement.


5. Define “Repeal” Again…


barrow repeal

Ever since ObamaCare started becoming the “train wreck” Republicans expected it to be, Democrats have been in a tough spot. So when John Barrow suddenly switched his position and called for repeal, the NRCC had to hold him accountable for the facts. He’s voted repeatedly against repealing the law, including just last month. And to make it even clearer, he explicitly advocated against it just last year. Nice try, John. Now you know why his hometown newspaper called him, “perhaps the most shameless, duplicitous, self-serving politician of his era.”