$3 Gas “A Thing Of The Past” Says AAA Official

July 16, 2013

The Hill reported this morning that, while testifying before the Senate Energy and Natural Resoruces Committee, a senior AAA official told lawmakers $3 a gallon gas was “a thing of the past.”

Chris Plaushin, AAA’s director of federal relations, said the price of gasoline on January 1st was the highest ever to begin a calendar year.

It’s no coincidence that gas prices have spiked under President Obama’s leadership. His record on energy and oil production is one of complete and utter failure.

It’s President Obama who has stalled the Keystone Pipeline for months—a crucial path to increasing oil production and getting us energy independence.

But Keystone is merely the tip of the iceberg.

First, let’s look at offshore drilling.

Check out this chart from the House Natural Resources Committee that shows areas the administration has blocked. Now, I’ve never been great with directions, but that seems like practically the entire east and west coasts.

natural resources drilling map

When it comes to drilling on land, oil production has consistently decreased because the cost—both in money and in complying with burdensome federal regulations—is simply too high.

Don’t be fooled. President Obama will say that under his administration permits for drilling have increased…but that’s on private lands, not public. On the contrary, the Obama administration has consistently stifled oil production in this country.

Increasing oil production not only helps lower prices and secures our energy future, but creates jobs. It’s a necessary part of getting our economy moving again.

Are you paying more than $3 a gallon for gas? Think of it as the Obama tax on oil.