Democrat Hush Money Over Voter Fraud Scandal in Florida?

July 17, 2013

Congressman Joe Garcia has had a rough time ever since Florida families found out about the alleged voter fraud scandal that has caused two of his staffers to resign. Now to make matters worse, Congressman Garcia’s FEC report for the 2nd quarter shows that he paid one of the ex-staffers, Jeffery Garcia, for general consulting and get this – a $25,000 WIN BONUS.

This is the same Jeffery Garcia who resigned as the Congressman’s chief of staff and is now under investigation for his admitted role in the voter fraud plot. It looks suspicious that Congressman Garcia would reward the same man who tried to use fraudulent tactics to get Garcia elected. Was this hush money?

Link to Garcia’s FEC Report:

On the very last page of the report, please note a total of $34,000 was paid to Jeffery Garcia through his consulting firm Palm Media, LLC.


The latest FEC filing by Congressman Joe Garcia is very troubling. The question now remains – is Garcia attempting to pay off his former staffer who is currently under investigation for his role in the voter fraud scandal? It seems that if you help Joe Garcia with fraudulently rigging an election on his behalf and can keep quiet, your prize will be a generous win bonus.