11 Other Times Obama “Pivoted” To Jobs

July 22, 2013

Last night, the Wall Street Journal wrote President Obama was ready to “shift focus” back to focusing on jobs and the economy.

In what’s become a rite of passage every few months, we hear from the White House that—finally—yes, this will be the time they focus on the number one issue on the minds of voters: job creation and economic growth.

With almost 12 million Americans unemployed and the unemployment rate at 7.6 percent, they’re finally realizing that now is a good time to get started on it?

Inevitably, it gets pushed to the side in favor of their liberal agenda until, a few months later, they’ll roll it out again—like the same beat-up old car with a new paint job.

But while we’re at it—here’s at least 11 other times President Obama and the White House “pivoted” to jobs.

“Obama Pivots to Jobs Tour at End of Scandal Filled Week” (ABC News, 5/18/13)

“Obama’s Texas Trip An Attempt To Refocus On Jobs, Economy” (Washington Times, 5/8/13)

“Obama: State Of The Union To Focus On Jobs” (USA Today, 2/8/13)

“Obama Turns To Congress For Jobs Help” (The New York Times, 6/1/12)

“Obama Turns Attention To Economy After Fundraising Pitch (Associated Press, 5/11/12)

“Fresh Off Debt-Ceiling Brawl, Dems Pivot To Talk About Jobs” (The Hill, 8/3/11)

“Obama To Focus On Jobs” (San Jose Mercury News, 1/23/11)

“Obama To Focus On Jobs, Spending In State Of The Union Speech (The Tennessean, 1/27/10)

“Hill Democrats Set To Pivot To Job Creation” (Washington Times, 1/25/10)

“Obama Pivots To Jobs As Key Theme” (Politico, 1/8/10)

“Obama Turns Focus To Job Creation” (Associated Press, 12/5/09)

We hope President Obama will finally work with the House to implement strong pro-growth policies that will create jobs. But if history is any guide, it’s just more empty promises from a president who simply out of ideas on how to get the 12 million unemployed Americans back to work.