Dirty Old Men – The Democrats’ War on Women

July 23, 2013

On Monica Lewinsky’s 40th birthday it only seemed appropriate to take a look at Democrats who are currently attempting to save their scandal plagued and lawsuit ridden reputations. Ranging from sexual assault to domestic violence, the current crop of Democrats have a women problem, and it’s no laughing matter.

Disgraced Democrats include:

Democratic Mayor of San Diego, Bob Filner


Filner, a self-described “hugger,” admits to being inappropriate with female staff and constituents, but claims that charges of unwanted kissing, sexual advances, and telling women they would “do a better job without their panties” are just plain false.


Democratic Congressman Steve Cohen

brink cohen

Cohen, who became famous for tweeting “ilu” to his “daughter” after the State of the Union address just failed a paternity test confirming what every (non) geneticist already knew, model Victoria Brink is not his spawn.


Democratic Congressman Bill Foster

bill foster

Bill Foster has garnered headlines such as, “Foster Divorce Records Raise Questions About Real War on Women” after a 1996 court document revealed that Foster, “pushed, shoved, and caused physical abuse and emotional harm” to his then-wife.


Former Congressman and New York City Mayoral candidate, Carlos Danger, errr…Anthony Weiner

anthony weiner

Who could forget Weiner’s sexting scandal that forced him from office? Now he’s trying to make a political comeback, but it was only a matter of time before more dripped from this scandal. Just today we’re learning about Weiner’s heel fetish and promised condos in Chicago with his latest cyber-fling.


Former Democratic Governor and Comptroller candidate, Eliot Spitzer


Famous for patronizing an elite escort service, Eliot Spitzer is another disgraced Democrat trying to make a political comeback. Despite his reputation of paying women for sex, Spitzer has gone so far as to call himself a feminist!


Former Democratic Assemblyman and City Council candidate, Vito Lopez

vito lopez

After being accused of, “sexually harassing young female staffers for years,” Lopez was forced to resign from his Assembly seat.


Democratic Sheriff, Ed Prieto

ed prieto

There’s nothing quite like being abused by those who should keep you safe. Yolo County Sheriff Ed Prieto has again been accused of sexually harassing an employee. This is not the first, or second time…but the third.