OFA Promises “Action August” Then Forgets About Jobs

July 26, 2013

Well, that was quick.

It was only about a week ago that President Obama finally seemed ready to settle down, put aside his liberal priorities, and “focus” (yet again) on the number one issue facing Americans: jobs.

Just as we predicted, however, this jobs “focus” was fleeting.

A few days ago, President Obama’s old campaign arm, Organizing for Action, released a series of “Action August” days. The days are intended to promote President Obama’s liberal agenda across the country and are based on specific issues.

Aug. 4: ObamaCare

Aug. 5: Immigration reform

Aug. 13: Climate change

Aug. 21: Gun control

Aug. 31: Immigration reform

Hmm, you guys missing anything?

Yeah, jobs is such a priority for this president, yet his campaign organization doesn’t see it as important enough to lobby for.

We weren’t surprised—and you shouldn’t be either.

President Obama’s done this numerous times before.  In fact, I think the White House is currently scheduling the next jobs “pivot” as I type.

Stay tuned folks. Like a beat-up old car with a new paint job, you can bank that they’ll be rolling out the next one real soon.

But don’t blink! Or else you’ll probably miss it…

pivot meme