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David, A 21 Year Old Student in Ohio, Is Struggling to Pay His Bills Thanks to ObamaCare
NRCC | July 30, 2013

“I am a 21 year old college student in Northeast Ohio. My general plan for getting through the school year is to work hard and make as much money as I can through Summer and Christmas break, saving my tip money for the school year, and cutting back my hours so that I can put school first until the semester ends. Now with Obamacare getting ready to strike, I went from 40 hour weeks to 25 hour weeks. Instead of saving hundreds of dollars a month, I am now saving no more than fifty dollars a month. I also can’t afford to cut my hours during the school year now. When my car broke down in May, I had absolutely no money to fall back on for repairs because I can’t get hours at work. There is nothing good coming from this bill. It has only made my life harder.

– David K.

frustrated student


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