Pro-ObamaCare Event To Kickoff Dems’ August Push Gets One Attendee

August 5, 2013

With Congress in recess, Democrats bragged about their August push to highlight President Obama’s unpopular liberal agenda.

Organizing For Action’s “Action August” is spotlighting 5 issues and holding rallies across the country to try and win over the public.

It appears they have quite a ways to go.

Politico is reporting that just one person attended a pro-ObamaCare event in suburban Virginia over the weekend.

Remember, this is a state that just 9 months ago voted for President Obama. Now he’s having trouble convincing his own supporters that his signature achievement isn’t a “train wreck.”

This has been proven in poll after poll showing thatvoters don’t believe ObamaCare will help their families.

After three years, the verdict is in.

ObamaCare is rising premiums, hurting job creation, and putting bureaucrats between patients and their doctors. It even got so bad, the Obama administration delayed the employer mandate—a crucial component of the law.

Looks like it will be a long, cruel summer for Democrats.