6 Places Arizona Democrats Would Rather Be Than On Stage With President Obama

August 6, 2013

Today, President Obama is popping into Arizona for an event before flying to Hollywood to hang out with Jay Leno.

But it remains to be seen whether you’ll spot Arizona’s three most vulnerable Democrats – Ron Barber, Ann Kirkpatrick, or Kyrsten Sinema – on stage with the increasing unpopular president.

While these three Democrats continue to support the Obama-Pelosi agenda in Washington, they’ve become pros at hiding their support back at home – hoping their constituents won’t notice how out-of-touch they are.

They can try and run from their consistent support of President Obama’s failed agenda, but come 2014, Arizona voters won’t be fooled.

In the meantime, we decided to help provide some alibis…

Here are 6 Places Arizona Democrats Would Rather Be Than On Stage With President Obama:


 1. Washington

Arizona’s congressional Democrats feel right at home when voting to make Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House, defending ObamaCare, and standing in the way of balanced budgets.


2. Puerto Peñasco or “Rocky Point”

What Arizonan doesn’t like heading to what’s affectionately nicknamed “Arizona’s Beach” during the triple digit temperatures? And what better time to hop in the car and head to Mexico when you can simultaneously avoid a photo op with President Obama? No cell phone service? No problem!


3. MSNBC Studios

sinema msnbc 1sinema msnbc 2sinema msnbc 3

She’s only been in office a few months, but you wouldn’t be far-off to think Kyrsten Sinema actually represented the MSNBC set in the halls of Congress. She’s certainly there enough.


4. Watching “The Smurfs 2”

No place better to hide than a dark, quiet movie theater, right? Grab some popcorn and Milk Duds and you’re good to go until Obama’s out of town.


5. The Dentist’s Office


Need to schedule that root canal? The timing couldn’t be more perfect!


6. The Arizona MVD

When the other choice is standing on stage with President Obama, standing in endless lines and filling out countless forms at the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division sounds pretty good.

Ron Barber for Congress

Kyrsten Sinema for Congress

Ann Kirkpatrick for Congress