5 ObamaCare Failures This Week: August 5th-12th

August 12, 2013

It’s Monday and you know what that means: This Week In ObamaCare Failures: August 5th- 12th.

Last week, we saw more failures in implementing Obama’s government takeover of healthcare from security lapses to Harry Reid saying the law is merely a step to a single-payer system.

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1.  Small Businesses’ Offering Family Insurance May Be A Thing Of The Past

Obama newspaper

Via AP’s Joyce Rosenberg, “Insurance companies have already warned small business customers that premiums could rise 20 percent or more in 2014 under the Affordable Care Act. That’s making some owners consider not paying for coverage for workers’ families, even though insurance is a benefit that helps companies attract and retain top talent. If more small business owners decide to stop paying for family coverage, it will accelerate a trend that started as the cost of health insurance soared in recent years.”


2. It’s Official: Democrats Will Run On ObamaCare In 2014

jim clyburn

House Assistant Minority Leader James Clyburn said Democrats are ready to run on ObamaCare in 2014. Democrats have repeatedly voted to keep the law on the books. The same law that cut Medicare, is raising premiums, and is putting bureaucrats between patients and their doctors. If that’s the way they think they can regain the majority, then we look forward to seeing them on the campaign trail.


3. Lost? Law’s “Navigators” May Not Have Enough Training

biden on phone

The Wall Street Journal reported this week that “navigators” for the law—the workers that will help people understand the bureaucracy and paperwork—may not have time to be trained. The article reported efforts are “barely off the ground” just a few weeks before the exchange begins on October 1st. The government is so desperate that they’re cutting back the workers’ training requirements


4. ObamaCare’s Security Lapse?


According to the Washington Post, training “navigators” isn’t the only place the Obama administration is behind schedule. Sarah Kliff reported last week they are also months behind in testing “security features of a crucial health law component.”

“Much of this report focuses on the federal data hub, a single point where new marketplaces can access lots of information on who qualifies for what programs. This includes income data from the Internal Revenue Service and citizenship records from Homeland Security, alongside additional data from Health and Human Services and the Office of Personnel Management.

Back in March, Medicare was planning to perform a Security Control Assessment in mid-May. That testing essentially confirms that security controls in the federal data hub can function in the secure way they’re meant to.

Flash forward to Aug. 6, and that testing still isn’t done.”


5. Harry Reid: ObamaCare Is Just A Step Toward Single-Payer

Senate Democrats Hold News Conference

As we all know, ObamaCare’s implementation has been nothing short of a “train wreck.” Yet, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is ready to go even further. In a Friday interview with the Las Vegas Sun, Reid admitted the real goal is a single-payer plan.