Report: OFA Rally for Climate Change Garners ZERO Attendees

August 13, 2013

We already knew that Organizing for Action, President Obama’s former campaign arm, was going to ignore jobs and the economy during the group’s “Action August.” We were’t surprised that this announcement came just days after the President’s “pivot” back to the economy.

But we are a little surprised that, apparently, even liberals aren’t showing up to push the President’s unpopular big government agenda (okay, we aren’t surprised.) OFA earlier this month kicked off their Action August with an event in Virginia touting ObamaCare – only one attendee showed up. Today, OFA organized an event in Washington, DC promoting Obama’s climate change agenda, and NO ONE showed up to that one.

From Moe Lane:

Well, this is embarrassing:

Not to mentioned, scrubbed:

Fortunately, the Internet is forever.

Now that I’ve had Phil Kerpen write half my post for me, here’s the other half: it should surprise nobody – including the, ah, enthusiasts over at OfA, bless their hearts – that global warming doesn’t have nearly the same bite to it that the Left desperately wants it to. The polling is consistent: global warming – or climate change, or whatever the latest buzzword is/will be – is at the bottom of any list of things that people worry about, or prioritize. It is thus unsurprising that an admittedly unpleasant sudden rain shower would stop people in Georgetown from attending: after all, OfA doesn’t really want to talk about global warming at all. It’s just that the two things that they should be talking about – the economy, and health care – are also two things that OfA does not dare talk about, largely because President Barack Obama clearly has no idea how to go about repairing the damage that he’s caused to either.

The Democrats continue to refuse to talk about the one thing voters most want to hear about – fixing the economy and creating jobs. While they may be distracted by their own sideshow liberal agenda, the American people are paying attention, and don’t like what they see.